Package Description

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What the Materials Support

During the Two-Day Master Trainers’ Event (from the proposal)
We will provide instruction of Master Trainers in five content strands:

  1. The Science & Why it Matters, including: transformative public health discoveries, sequential development (neuroscience), ACE Study, resilience, systems science (this will be woven into all above, and also called out as a distinct section of training).  Our focus will be on the magnitude of opportunity we hold in our hands, and what the science says about how to realize that opportunity.
  2. Societal Dynamics Related to ACEs and ACE Effects, including: how perceptions, attitudes and mental models keep society stuck with the ACE prevalence we have now, why we are using the Master Trainer/speaker approach to affect those dynamics, and how it worked in WA. 
  3. Adult Learning, including: reasons adults want to learn, how adults learn, cooperative learning environments, effective public speaking, importance of physically and emotionally safe learning environments practical examples and tools.
  4. Becoming a Trained Speaker, including: objectives, why speak about ACE-Neuroscience-Resilience?, specific instruction on the Sample PowerPoint for speakers –why each slide exists plus content of each slide (facts, critical message & script), basics of 2-5 below, discussion of audiences and anticipated audience responses to the presentation, fielding difficult questions, staying up on content.
  5. Keys to being an effective Master Trainer, including: core concept, guiding principles, habits of mind, standards, tools, copyright standards for adapting materials without losing critical messages, strategies and resources for continuous learning, assessment framework, and required agreements. 

We will also cover what it means to be a Master Trainer – agreements, process for quality assurance, support as part of a community of practice, and other issues and subjects, as agreed by the parties and/or as requested from the Master Trainers.